JANUARY: JoshuaTree 25th

FEBRUARY: working on Strong Horse album all month~~~~~~finishing up Southland album~~~~

MARCH 3rd~ Radio interview with 96.5 Sarasota Florida ~~the 9th in Joshua Tree but not confirmed.~~ 15th - 16th Recording album STRONG HORSE in New Mexico with Michael Mucklow ~

APRIL: 5th-7th will be in Joshua Tree Arts Festival.~~~~ 20th Earth-day in Yucca Vally we perform 9am and later 7pm

MAY: 4th & 5th Mother earth PowWow in Victorville~~ 10th hopefully at the Nammy's~~~ 19th hopefully at the New Mexico Music Awards

JUNE: 1st a music/art show in Claremont Ca Buddha Mouse~~ 21st Los Angeles Arboretum summer concert

JULY: 11th Botanical Gardens in Claremont summer concert series

AUGUST: Ohio Flute Festival 16-18th

SEPTEMBER: Indian Summer Music Awards 6th & 7th~~~ Carmel Art Festival Indiana 21st & 22nd




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