Spirit Of Thunderheart

Spirit Of Thunderheart came together from the four directions of the

Hudson Valley New York.

We started off sharing our drums heart beat along with our voices to spread our passion of native music. We all had come from other musical back rounds and drum groups before. Spirit of Thunderheart has performed for Clearwater Nation, Sloup Club Greenwich NYC , MNN Studios NYC , Blue Stone Festival NY , Pow Wow’s and other Local venues . We met our Documentary Producer at the Caretakers Society Sweat and Moon Lodge Retreat in High Falls NY. Pamela Timmins, Pamorama Productions a documentary film artist became interested in us when she came to our lodge and heard us singing traditional songs and drumming. She has been following our performances ever since.

As our Ancestors battled the coming of the euros we had our culture running strong in our language, stories, songs, planting, hunting, and our beliefs. Turtle Island was alive with no harm to her, our air or water. We taught our children to give thanks and resect all living on turtle Island so that the next seven generations will have a clean and balanced turtle Island. This was done by our Clan Mothers. Still men and women were equal. Our women and children were well respected. Our women had rights and had times in ceremony that were equal to our men. Our elders talked long ago how the women drummed for the men so the men could dance for ceremony. The coming of the euro’s changed that. Since our men had become the constant drummers for other men, women and children.

A time came of a great prophecy that would change the rights of our women once again. When the tops of our maple trees die, us women will take back the drum. This is who we are this is our story.

From there our story does not end. We are always told we learn until we meet our creator. We are always moving forward. Our language is a very impotent to us and our children for the next seven generations to come. We strive to keep our language alive as to keep our culture alive and strong. Our language is in our everyday life, ceremonies, our stories of long ago, and songs. We are humble to say we are proud of our Mohawk, Blackfoot, Cree and Cherokee heritage.

Our drumming and songs are our prayers for our creator, turtle Island and all who inhabits her. We drum for healing of our earth and all what needs healing. Teaching the importance of what we have to share is our goal not just for us our indigenous first people but for all whom we share this great land with.

We believe our mission is to share the Prayers of the Drum, with Song and Dance. We come together to educate the importance of caring for each other, with a good mind and strong cultural values. Through Story Telling we teach the understanding of our oral and symbolic corrective history. Spirit of Thunderheart believes in teaching the importance of respecting, and caring for our environment.

We are Proud to be Native. We are Proud of our Heritage. Spirit of Thunderheart running strong for the next seven generations.

The Singers

Donna Coane "Ohstonha Ohskennonotn" - Brenda Martin "Kahswa’tha" - Debbie Fitchner "Kah’enta Otsitsya" -

Wynona Decker "Yo’nikonhrori Karo’nya Ohahsera" - Mary Griffen "Tewakenonnyahkwenh Oshsita"