Ya'at'eeh! (Navajo greeting), my name is Lorena Navarez, known as “WindFeather”.

I am a Singer/Songwriter, a Native Interpretive Dancer and a Traditional Dancer.

I am a mother of nine grown children, four sons, two of which are Veteran Combat Marine Warriors and five daughters.

I work in Social Services fulltime helping others. I am Navajo/Spanish and was adopted by a Apache Mescalero family.

I write songs from my own poetry, songs of love, nature and soul mates which includes true deep friendships from my heart, to those who listen. I live my life and keep my heart with the Old Ways and Styles of our people when life was simple, our Elders are always honored and our children, our responsibility to mentor and lead by example.

I enjoy to teaching our young children Traditional Dance styles. You will always see me dancing at all our Inter-Tribal dances at the Pow Wow’s that I attend. I pray while I dance to the radiating sound of our heartbeat, the drum.

As a Singer/Artist, I compose, write and sing many old traditional style and non traditional songs and currently finishing up my first CD,

‘Remember Yesterday’ and in works for my second CD.

My inspiration comes from our Creator, and the Wind, when I am out in the Wilderness my Spirit becomes alive and my thoughts become one with Mother Earth, Father Sky and all my Relations on the Red Road, this is where my poetry begins, and then its phased, into music.

Lorena "WindFeather"Navarez