In the last year I have temporarily quit racing and have been Filming and Producing event DVDs

I started riding in 1981. I saw Greg Lemond beat the Russian Team at the '81 Coors Classic and thought that racing might be fun.Then it was running when I couldn't ride. That led to Triathlon's, I was pretty good until people learned to swim and won a lot of races in the Midwest.Then I figured out that I was better on the bike and move to longer races. My first long race was the 350 mile Arizona Challenge were I finished 5th.The 4 guys in front of me had all won RAAM. Later that year I raced the first USPRO National Championship. I rode that race the next 5 years. I qualified for the World Championships in the 5000m pursuit one year.

After Paulette and I got married and moved to Sioux Falls we started racing in MN and then moved to mountain biking racing. Paulette and I rode the first Leadville 100. There were 67 riders the first year. We rode the first 5 Leadville's and 3 Vail 100's.

In 2002 I wanted to try a 24 hour mountain bike race. I did the race in Winter Park CO and qualified for Worlds. We went to the Race the next month and I won the over 40 championship.

In the last few years I have been running more. 50 milers seem to be my best distance. In '08 i went back to Leadville and did the Silver Rush,50 mile Mountain Bike on Saturday and then 50 mile run on Sunday.

In the last year My film One Riot...One Ranger won the Black Hills Fat Tire Film Festival and Before the Dawn was an Official Selection of the South Dakota State Film Festival

Randy Ericksen

Film Maker