Though I have played in various bands since age 14, my songwriting has been a recent focus. My songs are not meant to be generic, but to be thought provoking. It is my goal to touch peoples' lives with my music. I write and sing my songs to make others more aware, to encourage them to think, to feel, to help them open their eyes and hearts, to genuinely see things as they are. Being part Cherokee, as well as part danish (vikings rule) I have a great connection to Native issues but even they reach beyond ... because these are human issues, most importantly. Whether the message of a song be political, enviromental or emotional, my hope is that it touches your life. I wish you to listen, learn, love and feel.. yes open your eyes and your heart.. to see pictures in my music as I do. ... In the Creator, Terry Strongheart In an ideal world, the Terry Strongheart Band would be filling stadiums, headlining the halftime show at the Superbowl, and this album would already be triple platinum. This is not, however, an ideal world. Strongheart is part Cherokee, and the songs are imbued with Native American concerns and dreams, but there is very little overtly traditional Native American music here. Terry Strongheart has his very own distinctive sound, anchored by his vocals. Stronghearts impassioned, tremulous delivery is perfectly supported by the rhythm of his guitar and percussion behind him. In a world of prefabricated songs and singers designed to milk teenybopper purses, Terry Strongheart is the real deal, a mature, tight and powerful singer that says things worth saying.

Terry Strongheart