Ever since his father gave him his first musical instrument, a clay ocarina, when he was 2 years old, John Oglesby has been playing various kinds of flutes.

He has been writing melodies for them for almost as long. During high school and college, he played mostly classical and jazz.

He has also been singing and playing guitar in the folk duo Merlyn on and off for 30 years with his old college roommate and talented songwriter Morgan Evans.

About five years ago, while researching an old bamboo flute he had bought at a state fair many years ago, he had a chance encounter with world flutist Peter Phippen who opened his eyes to the world of the Native American Flute.

Playing wooden and bamboo flutes has since pretty much taken over his life. He says “I feel more at home with these flutes than any other kind of music I’ve ever been involved with.”

John has given demonstrations of his growing collection of Native American style flutes and other instruments at flute fairs at Susquehanna and Bucknell universities.

He has recorded 2 CDs (so far). ‘Origins’ is a collection of original songs played on various flutes and kalimba. ‘Season of Wonder’ is a mix of original and traditional holiday songs. Says John: “I find that every new flute I pick up has new things to teach me, and I don’t expect this to ever end. As I often tell people, music is not something I do, it’s who I am”

John Oglesby