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Sept/Oct 2011

Ferree is a Cherokee multi-instrumentalist,songwriter and singer with a strong Christian faith that shines out of every track. Ferree's soulful vocals take center stage, infusing these bluesy rock tunes with a consecrated fire. "I'll Show You Love" offers a friend the promise of eternal comfort and salvation. "We Are One" is a soaring song of praise, while " Messenger" is a catchy rock tune full of jangling guitars that sounds like a radio hit. The album's low-key production sets off and complements Ferree's uplifting tenor, a voice full of warmth and comfort.


"The Wind and The Fire is one of the most touching albums I have ever sat and listened to...It takes you right into a tranquil meditative state. Wonderful sound and an amazing artist to say the least. One of the best albums I have heard in quite sometime."

- Kelli Healing Doe Bennett - "Voices of the Hoop"


Hello Chris,

I am a dj with Radio Galactica. I am resonsible for chosing our Artist of the Month. I have chosen you as our March Artist. I have enjoyed your music and think you are a brilliant artist.



aka DJ SilverLady


"The Wind and The Fire" written by Erin Browne

Chris's Album "The Wind and the Fire" is a treat for any genre of music lover, this cd is truly unique. It incorporates everything from a little bit of Rock, to country, to soothing sounds of pop or lullabies.

This artist takes you on a spiritual journey within the music and it leads you to one of Hope, Love, Faith and Strength. The songs reflect on so many topics including religion/faith, abuse, Being lost/abandoned to being found and loved, to knowing you're always needed and wanted no matter where your life turns.

This truly is a beautiful and feel good album, lifts the spirit, brings awareness and the hope of love, life, and strength. This Cd is for any stage of a person's Walk of Life...young and old...I suggest you go check it out! You will not be disappointed!


A short review of "The Wind and The Fire" CD by Shashona McCall of Indie Showcase....

by Chris Ferree on Saturday, February 26, 2011 at 4:24pm

Who says spiritual songs have to be hymns?

Chris Ferree has done a stunning job on his latest Album called The Wind and The Fire. He has moved in a different direction with The Wind and The Fire, looking inside instead of outside. The entire album speaks about the journey of life, spirit and God. This album was several years in the making and trust me, it was worth it.

Brad Hord worked with Chris once again on this new album. Chris also brought in another talent by the name of Jeff Lynn Reid.

I have to say, this is an exceptional album.


The Wind and The Fire will capture your attention, and have you flowing toward the lyrics in a New York heartbeat. All 14 tracks are well written stories you can relate to. But what impressed me most was the whole picture. It is very well produced, instrumentation is brilliant, and the lyrics beautiful indeed. Chris's vocals will absolutely hold you hostage till the last note of the last track. I would have difficulty choosing a favorite track from these 14. They are all noteworthy and memorable. Grab a copy, you will see why.

Check it out today! www.chrisferree.Com and tell him we at Indie Showcase Love him!

And that's just how I see it Shashona McCall

Check it out Chris is chosen Artist Of The Month For March 2011

The Wind and The Fire

1. Day By Day

2. Messenger

3. Hold On

4. I'll Show You Love



1 We Remain

2 Skywalkers

3 Drum Song

4 Unbound

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