Buddy carved his signature as a Ventriloquist Comedian in the late 1980's which put him on the map as the first Native American ventriloquist and soon became one of Indian Country's most popular comedy entertainers of today. From a rich heritage, Buddy is part Mohawk, Welsh and English on his mother's side and Comanche and Apache from his father's side. Buddy is a member of the Iroquois Nation and is a registered member of the Mohawk of Kahnawake Tribe of Canada.

Born in Newton, NJ, the first son of Iron Horse and Wildflower Big Mountain and following the family's entertainment tradition, introduced Buddy to the stage at the age of two performing Indian dancing. Buddy spent his entire childhood living and performing with his family at several theme parks across the East Coast. Buddy is the 3rd generation of a performing family, where his grandfather, the late Sebastian Big Mountain traveled with the Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, performed a magic side show with the Ringling Brothers Circus known as Severo the Great, and retired from entertainment to become the gate keeper for Lake Mohawk in New York.

In 1967, Buddy landed his first acting role on the series "Gentle Ben" with the Ivan Tors Studios, in Florida. Buddy established a close relationship with the late Jay Silverheels (Tonto from the Lone Ranger Show) and remembers playing football with Ron Howard (Opie from the Andy Griffith Show) and his brother Clint Howard.

Leaving home on February 14, 1976, shaping a new career from dancing, Buddy joined a magic company with the Great American Entertainment for the Spirit of 76 Show to become a magician assistant. While touring with the magic company, Buddy was encouraged to perform his first ventriloquist act touring in Canada. So he ordered a cowboy ventriloquist figure with a big nose and moustache who is now known as the Windell P. Snodgrasz. Buddy left the magic company in 1978 to team up with the internationally acclaimed puppet company, "The Trotter Brothers". Quick to learn the many skills of puppetry, Buddy soon became a master puppeteer.

In 1984, Buddy achieved his dream and created his own puppet produciton called, "The Mini Pow Wow and Gifts & Legends". Performing for over two years with his produciton and finding out how hard to keep trained puppeteers, decided to go solo and launched a new show called "The Buddy Big Mountain Variety Comedy Show" adding more ventriloquist figures such as Iron Horse, Awsome Fox, vocals, magic and built a new cast of marionette dancers.

The roller coaster ride Buddy experienced in today's entertainment industry opened many doors of opportunities,like sharing the stage with many great performers, such as Ronn Lucas, Jeff Dunham, Jimmy Nelson, Sinbad, Charlie Hill, Crystal GAyle, Rita Coolidge, Buffy Saint Marie, Bill Miller, Joe Nichols, Williams and Ree (Indian and the White Guy), the late Floyd Red Crow Westerman and opened for Seals and Croft, Merle Haggard, the late Foster Brooks, plus many, many more.

In addition to his own stage performances, Buddy has appeared on CTV with Nelson Bird, APTN Buffalo Tracks talk show, TNN's Nashville Now with Ralph Emery, Music City Tonight with Crook and Chase, did a commercial spot for Master Charge in Kansas and interviewed on several radio talk shows in many different cities around the globe.

In 1997, Buddy was cast for 1998 season with the Country Tonite theater in Branson, MO as a featured act, after a live audition performance at the Aladdin Casino in Las Vegas. Relocating back to the west coast in December, 1998, Buddy immediately landed a featured spot with the Spice on Ice Show at the River palms Casino in Laughlin, NV. After the show closed in September 1999, Buddy returned to the touring circuit to perform his own show. Residing in Las Vegas and a member of the International Ventriloquist Association, Buddy performed several times at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas for IVA and was featured in one of Las Vegas Visitors Guide Brochures which landed him a small part and performed himself with one of his characters in the movie "The Audition" for a PBS special.

From comedy to drama, Buddy's unique style of ventriloquism captured the attention of Asta Groeting, a well known artist from Berlin, Germany. From 2003 to 2006 Buddy performed as the lead ventriloquist for her project, The Inner Voice "Dead Air" and "I Am Big" in several countries such as Austria, Germany, England, Holland, Norway and France. Buddy will be returning to Germany 2010 for The Inner Voice Project. In 2007, Buddy spent 6 weeks performing as a ventriloquist actor and an Indian dancer for 13 different theatre's traveling across all of Wales to bring life to the paintings of the late George Carlin, called The Eagle Dances: Native American, Native European. The Eagle Dances was written by David Rowe of Wales, directed by Guy Masterson (Richard Burton's nephew) of England and produced by Mwldan Theatre in Wales.

In 1993, Buddy received two awards for his accomplishments as a master puppeteer for filming one of his marionettes, Stumbling Bear. Stumbling Bear, the video was submitted to several film festivals and won best short film at the Native American Film Awards in San Francisco, at the Wind and Glacier Voices II in Lincoln Center, NY, and was viewed at the Dreamspeakers Film Festival in Canada. October 2009, Buddy received an award from the JVA in Tokyo, Japan for his many years of contribution to the Japanese Ventriloquist Association.

For over 30 years, Buddy has been a well respected role model for the Education and Performing Arts by offering one of the best School Assembly Shows that leaves the staff, students and surrounding communities with a smile on their face, a song in their heart and leaves them laughing until he returns.

Whether performing for 1 or 40,000 people at schools, theaters, night clubs, casinos, cruise ships, television, films or corporate events, Buddy continues to blend his own Grassroots style of comedy, bringing it to all the door steps around the globe and sharing the knowledge of his rich heritage as an American Indian.

Buddy Big Mountain