Inspired by his Cherokee heritage, North Carolina singer/songwriter Chris Ferree released his first Native American CD in 2007 titled “Invocation“. Influenced by Robert Mirabal, Bill Miller, and Mary Youngblood, among others. “Invocation” is rooted in the traditional, while balancing on the edges of world and classical.A combination of strong traditional Native American flute, drums and percussion, fused with contemporary instruments and various ethnic sounds. The result was a ten song collection of diverse instrumentals that ranged from haunting and meditative to spontaneous and moving, reflecting the spiritual journey of a man looking into his past trying to find a way of understanding the present.Chris’ second Native American offering “Overflow” is a spiritually charged outpouring intended to at once lift the spirit and calm the soul, a fusion of sounds and influences breathed in over the years and released like a flood, full of power and passion.Drawing inspiration from historical events and the stories of yesterday joined with a hopeful vision of what tomorrow may bring. This nine song CD, six instrumental and three vocal, is an act of worship filled with resonating drums, stirring percussion, and soaring flute, cascading through lush strings and pads, with flourishes of piano and strumming guitar, creating an emotional and melodic atmosphere of sound.In 2009 Chris released “Unbound“, his most eclectic CD to date. “Unbound” is a move closer into the world music genre, filled with melodic flute, tribal rhythms, piano, and pads. The songs range from the experimental trance of “Skywalkers” to the more meditative spiritual sounds of “Earth Dance” and “Healing Tree“.“Unbound” pushes the boundaries of the traditional, blending jazz, world, trance, and contemporary, bringing a familiar sound into the future. But if you listen closely you can hear echoes of the past and a deep admiration for the heritage from which this beautiful music was born. "I hope you enjoy and embrace these songs as much as I hope they honor and respect the Principle People of this land, those who walked the red road long ago and those who long to walk it now." Chris' fourth release "The Wind and The Fire" is a musical departure from his previous releases. The songs were written over several years and recorded in three different sessions with fellow musicians, Jeff Lynn Reid (formally with the east coast beach band, The Fantastic Shakers) and longtime friend and collaborator, Brad Hord.This CD falls squarely into the contemporary Christian pop/rock genre. Filled with diverse musical arrangements, this fourteen song project has a little something for everyone, from the prophetic rocker that opens the CD titled "The Harvest" to the new country vibe of "Messenger" to the prayerful pop lullaby "Little Ones". The perfect combination of catchy music and powerful lyrics that will leave the listener moved and longing to seek his/her own spiritual path."Walks Between Worlds" is the 5th release from NAMA nominated Native American /world music artist Chris Ferree. This is a compilation of some of the best Native American flute instrumentals from previous released CDs plus 4 new tracks. This CD is filled with eclectic visual arrangements and signature flute that will carry the listener to another place and once there, you will want to stay for a while.In Dec. 2014, Chris and Brad Hord released their latest project. A concept CD titled " The Invisible World"... The story of a young native man who has a near death experience and through song and native flute instrumentals shares his journey beyond the veil with you. The idea for this project had been around a while and songs worked and reworked over the last several years until the concept was fully realized. This CD also leans a little more towards "new age" than previous releases but still has world music instrumentation throughout with melodic and upbeat flute melodies. "We are excited and proud of this new release and hopes the listener gets wrapped up and carried away by this musical story."In 2009 Chris signed with Spirit Wind Records/Raven Hawk Productions out of New York. In 2010 Chris had a featured interview in Native Digest. In 2011 Chris was artist of the month on Radio Galactica and had a featured CD review in the national magazine Native Peoples. Chris' CD "Invocation" was selected as editor's picks at CDBaby in the World and Native American categories. Songs from "Invocation" were also selected as finalists for the 2008 Native American Music Awards in two categories. Chris was a nominee for Debut Artist at the 2010 Native American Music Awards for his CD "Unbound." Chris has also received four Silver Arrow Awards for outstanding contributions to the Native American music industry.


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