Big City Indian's Music

Tribal Visions

1. Buffalo Thunder

2. Like An Indian

3. Vision Circle

4. Burning Rain

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Big City Indians: Tribal Vision:

If you´re a fan of World Beat music and cross cultural concoctions, the CD Tribal Vision, from the band Big City Indians is right up your alley. The music is quite good in cinematic fashion, with soaring chants, smooth flutes and driving rock beats from this Vienna, Austria-based quintet ... Native Peoples Magazine, USA

Tribal Vision, the latest release from the popular group Big City Indians, presents poignant political issues amidst persuasive beats and rhythms. Richly textured music creates spiritual and musical connections throughout the cd. This cd celebrates indigenous life and talent. Standout songs include "Like an Indian" which raises questions of identity and substance. "Buffalo Thunder" and "Walk with the Wind" synthesize an indigenous perspective on nature and life with modern musical sensibilities. Finally, "Sin of Ignorance" raises awareness of Leonard Peltier's ongoing legal plight through the power of music. Big City Indians utilize the universal sounds and aspects of music in order to entertain their audience. In addition, this band infuses each tune with their fervent devotion to Native culture, natural and spiritual life, and Indigenous issues. The result is a CD, Tribal Vision, that showcases the impressive efforts of this excellent band ... Whispering Wind Magazine, USA

What they produce musically is of the highest quality, totaly authentic but given an almost dance rock groove that would appeal to young festival audiences in the UK. Eleven tracks on this their fourth release, a large percentage of which would get audiences up and dancing within minutes. The production is crisp, vocals outstanding and they playing is first class. They really are one of the most unique bands plying their wares in Europe today; no other acts is doing anything quite like this. "Tribal Vision" will no doubt do very well in their home country Austria along with the rest of Europe, but I would urge our UK readers to check out theit website and order a copy, it will come as a most pleasant suprise ...

Maverick Magazine, UK

"Tribal Vision" is a divinely crafted composition of songs, which clearly manifest the Big City Indians scheme to produce a futuristic rendition; by way of hybridizing the great spiritual sounds of the pristine Native American cultures and Natural Worlds, with the mainsprings of contemporary pop, classical rock and blues. Each of the songs relinquish beautiful metaphysical messages of ancient knowledge and their relationship to Mother Earth, over ethnic and paradisaical soundscapes full of tribal beats, heavenly keyboards, grooving guitar riffs, rockin drums and Native American flutes, with powerful enthralling vocals reflecting extreme emotional energy, that is purely music from the soul! ."Tribal Vision" has been a positive soul touching experience of great pleasure! I highly recommend this CD to those who appreciate the Native American cultures and Natural worlds ... Psychedelic Central Music Magazine, USA

Big City Indians new cd, Tribal Vision, can hit you with the power of rolling thunder while embracing you with the softness of a cool summer rain. This latest work may be their best yet. I found myself playing it over and over. Music is just an extension of story telling which is done to it's fullest with this project. There isn't a bad track on this newest cd, which is a bit of a rarity in the music world. Take my advice, this cd is a real keeper for any music lover. Five stars with out a doubt ... Wahya - PheonixRadio, USA

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